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Mugwort Smoke Wand

Mugwort Smoke Wand

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Smoke created from burning medicinal or sacred plants has been used as a tool for ceremony, purification, prayer and protection by many cultures and religions the world over. Mugwort has a long history of use as a protective herb - burned alone or with other herbs to keep away ghosts, purify a space for ceremony and induce a dream-like state.

Try burning these smoke wands when you're feeling creatively stuck, wound up, stressed out, emotionally fragile, or want to connect more deeply to the dream world. 

Made with homegrown herbs and wrapped in natural cotton string. 

From left to right:
Western Mugwort (Artemesia ludvociana)
Eastern Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris)
Western Mugwort with Marigold Blossoms (Artemesia ludvociana & Tagetes patula)

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