Summer Apothecary Box

Summer Apothecary Box

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Part of a year-long project to provide you with small batch, seasonally specific plant medicines - let me present the Summer Apothecary Box!

In the heat of summer it's easy to find ourselves feeling hot, dried out, irritated and wound up. The remedies in this box will focus on the skin and nervous systems - helping you feel cool, calm and hydrated from the inside out!

This box contains 5 products to support and guide through the summer season

     - Hot and Bothered - an herbal oxymel for feeling cool and calm.

     - Peachy Keen - an herbal tincture formula for the nerves

     - Strawberry Chamomile Shrub - a scrumptious drinking vinegar for cocktails, sodas and more!

     - After Sun Skin Potion - an herbal body spray for sun-kissed skin

     - Mugwort Smoke Wand - an herbal ritual for celebrating long days and new beginnings.

Also included - an informational booklet with recipes for incorporating the products into your daily life, plant monographs and more!

If you receive all four seasonal boxes, by the end of the year you’ll have a medicine cabinet stocked full of remedies, pages and pages of herbal info, and a deeper connection to the plants, seasons and the world around you.

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