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Mellow Mint

Mellow Mint

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Sweet, lemony, soothing and uplifting. Chill out and brew yourself a cup (or a quart) of this restorative tea.

Lemon Balm helps put our mind at ease - lifting our mood and strengthening our nervous and digestive systems. One of our favorite herbs for chasing away the winter time blues.

Peppermint and Spearmint are pure magic - somehow both uplifting and calming, energizing yet relaxing. A major pick-me-up for when you feel down in the dumps.

And shiso brings this formula together with it's gentle fragrance and natural hint of sweetness.

All homegrown or sourced from small US herb farms - peppermint, lemon balm, shiso, spearmint and corn flower. 

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, please consult with a qualified health professional before beginning any new herbal regimen.

Customer Reviews

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Kiara Taylor
Good stuff

The flavor is not as minty as I'd like but it still has a nice flavor. It also helps with mood. It works!

Victor Bieniek Jr

Oh my goodness - this tea is delicious. And it does lift your mood. A great blend that is now one of my favorite teas.

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