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All-Over Salve

All-Over Salve

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A healing herbal salve you can use anywhere, for any skin condition! Use this salve on hardworking hands, chapped lips, rough elbows, dry skin, new tattoos or even a freshly washed face.

We start with local Pennsylvania sunflower and hemp seed oils. Both healing in their own right, sunflower and hemp seeds are rich in vitamin E (protecting skin from free radicals, sun damage and more), linoleic acid (maintaining the skins natural ability to retain moisture), and omega-6 GLA (which promotes cell growth and keeps inflammation in check).

To that base of rich plant oils, we slowly steep homegrown and organic herbs. Calendula, marshmallow and violet moisturize and soothe, while comfrey works to heal any little cuts, scrapes and cracks that form due to dryness or over-use. Lavender lends a light scent, keeping this salve essential oil free and soothing for the most sensitive skin.

Finally, a touch of unrefined shea butter creates a smooth, silky barrier that seriously seals in moisture. You'll want to use this salve all over

This salve is by hand, without the use of stabilizers, emulsifiers, or other funky chemicals. Major temperature fluctuations might cause variation in texture/consistency but will not change the efficacy. Best kept below in a cool, dark place. 


All homegrown or organic herbs: calendula, marshmallow, violet, comfrey and lavender infused in PA sunflower and hemp seed oil, unrefined shea butter and beeswax.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Gray
The salve that does it all

I have been a longtime fan of Hey Thanks! and have taken workshops with Katelynn, I always love everything I get but today I had to write about the all over salve. I bought this a while ago when heal all salve was out, but boy oh boy does this salve heal just about everything as well! I spent the weekend assembling furniture and was left with a painful blister and cut in the middle of my palm. Two days of applying a bit of salve to it every few hours, and it's practically healed. Smells great and rubs into the skin well. Love it!

Emily Katseanes
Sensitive skin rejoice!

Works really well for my dry and sensitive skin. Keeps hands moist even after washing thoroughly with oil-stripping, cheap soap at work and is gentle enough to care for lips and piercings (the latter of which can get kind of nasty. This is so good for that!) Scent is lovely, too, but not overpowering. Will definitely be ordering again!

Kyle Long
This stuff is awesome!

I have ordered this product many times and it is always great. Me and my partner love it!

Virginia Gambrell
The best salve I have ever used

This is without a doubt my favorite moisturizer/salve/ointment. Nothing soothes my hands better. This also helps heal the candida rash I get around my nose and mouth when the seasons change. In fact, my face seems to love super rich & emollient moisturizers so I use this most nights as part of my face care routine. I bought the big jar for myself & husband and the minis for my mom, sisters-in-law.


I love this product. I use it for basically anything and everything!

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