Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

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Spring is a natural time to cleanse the body after a long, sedentary winter. This tincture aims to wake up your elimination organs, stimulate digestion and move the lymph so you can get out the winter gunk and feel refreshed!

Cleavers is one of the most valuable lymphatic tonics in western herbalism.
This herb actually looks like a bristle brush (go ahead - google it!) - signifying its innate ability to help clean out our lymphatic vessels. And with an energetic dose of poke root this tincture is sure to get the lymph flowing.

You might notice after taking this tincture for a week that your skin begins to look clearer! That’s because pimples, cysts and rashes occur when our elimination/filtration systems get over-whelmed. So here's to moving out that winter gunk so you can look and feel your best!

Ingredients: Cleavers, burdock root, nettle, yellow dock, dandelion root, violet leaf and flower, with an energetic dose of poke root, distilled spirits and filtered water. All homegrown, wild or locally sourced.

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