Soothe Soak - Herbal Bath Salts

Soothe Soak - Herbal Bath Salts

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Baths are deeply relaxing. They improve circulation, calm the nervous system, encourage deep sleep and dammit if they don’t just take the edge off.

I’m lucky to live in a part of the country where water isn’t scarce because baths can be a great way to take your herbs! We often forget about our biggest organ of assimilation and elimination – the skin. Baths open up the pores and allow the medicine of the herbs to be easily assimilated.

This blend features moisturizing and skin soothing ingredients like calendula, lavender, milky oats and kaolin clay. Epsom and pink himalayan salt provide essential minerals like magnesium to relax tired, achey muscles. And a touch of palmarosa essential oil helps melt away stress and anxiety. 

IngredientsAll homegrown or organic herbs: calendula, rose, lavender and milky oat tops - with epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, koalin clay, oat flour, PA sunflower oil and rose essential oil.

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Soothing bath blend!

This is such a great blend of herbs for the bath. I’ve used them loose just thrown into the tub and in the muslin pouch that comes with the jar. I think I prefer them loose in the tub- though once I’m finished with my bath I place a thin towel over the drain so that all the herbs get collected and don’t clog the drain as the water goes down :)

Kalista Popp

I wish I could buy huge bags of this! Sooooo delightful

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