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Body Oil

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Rich plant oils and soothing herbs - you'll want to slather this oil all over your beautiful body. 

We start with a base of local Pennsylvania sunflower and hemp seed oils. Both healing in their own right, these oils are rich in vitamin E (protecting skin from free radicals, sun damage and more), linoleic acid (maintaining the skins natural ability to retain moisture), and omega-6 GLA (which promotes cell growth and keeps inflammation in check).

To this base, we add homegrown and organic herbs and leave it to infuse slowly.

Clary sage, like a bright pink purple firecracker in the summer garden, has such a wonderful, invigorating scent. Traditionally used to relieve tension and inspire mental clarity, we love clary sage for its ability to be both grounding and stimulating.

Calendula is an herb that no skin formula should be without. When used externally it soothes the skin and moves the lymph - a crucial part of the immune system which is constantly scanning the body, filtering out metabolic waste, identifying harmful substances and destroying viruses and bacteria. ­­

Finally violet leaf is another lymphatic herb that is also super moisturizing - leaving your skin feeling dewy and soft. 

For best results, apply this oil to damp skin – ie: after you get out of the bath or shower.

All homegrown and organic herbs: calendula, violet leaf and clary sage infused in PA sunflower and hemp seed oil.


Customer Reviews

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V. G.
Luxurious but I did not like the smell

This body oil is luxurious and nourishing. Its like wrapping up in a hug . BUT I dislike the scent of sage in all forms. This has clary sage in it. I thought maybe it would be subtle but it is quite strong. If you don't mind sage I would recommend this.

Summer Comfort

This body oil is incredible. It feels so luxurious putting it on; it's like a spa day after every shower. The scent is mild and very natural and earthy. It smells like the essence of summer - rich, lush, golden - which is welcome all year long for me!

Body oil bliss

The best body oil ever! So calming, nourishing, soothing. My skin craves this post shower & is the best self care routine. Leaves my skin smooth & soft with a delightful natural sweet smell. This oil is one of my favorite products of all time. Also, excellent for inner thighs to help with chaffing.

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